Head of Schools' Valedictory Speech 2021/2022 Session

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The Chairman, Board of Governors ………
Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh,
I welcome you all warmly, to this remarkable occasion which officially closes a significant chapter page in the lives of our children. An august occasion in August.
I am particularly delighted to stand and felicitate with you as the first graduating class during my period of service in Crescent Schools.
Count yourselves as one most blessed classes in this generation whom through the right choice picked by your parents, have grown, learned and blossomed under the tutelage of world-class educators, who have not just put you through the curricular and co-curricular schemes, but also taught you Godliness, problem-solving and critical thinking skills to equip you for the future. They accompanied you through the thick and thin, both day and night, to ensure you achieve excellent but valid grades. I call them ‘parents away from home’. Only Allah can reward them enough.
This graduating class has demonstrated exceptional strength, outstanding humility, unprecedented resilience and enviable leadership – hallmark of resounding success. 
As a follow-up on what you have been groomed with in Crescent Schools, do not over-depend on your intelligence quotient (I.Q.), it cannot alone prosper you. Ensure you explore and strongly build your Emotional Quotient (E.Q.), Social Quotient (S.Q.) and Adversity Quotient (A.Q.); these will collectively shape your personality, mould your resilience and prepare you to thrive in the midst of unavertable future challenges.
 You are graduating from this micro Islamic “niche” into a morally obtuse society where social vices is a phenomenon. Your moral jacket must remain impervious, just as your moral crystals must remain insoluble.  
In addition, in a grossly infectious and corruptible society; what is evil remains evil even if everyone does it; while what is right remains right even if you are the only one doing it. 
The world cannot wait to have you for solutions in the fields of science and technology, engineering, medicine, humanities, finance, etc. just as scores of alumni of this great college are waving the Crescent School flag high, in different continents of the world.
There is high rise in unemployment rate, not because there are no jobs, but because there exists a deficit in the number of employable graduates. If there are no jobs, let’s create one.
Lastly, aspire to acquire the desires you admire, though you may perspire, but do not retire but re-fire so that you can eventually acquire the desires you once admired. May Allah light and guide your ways. Aamiin.
Thank you
Akeem A. AKINTOLA (Mr.)
Head of Schools.
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