College Programmes

Career Talk

This features in the school calendar on a termly basis. It is designed to sensitise students about various fields of knowledge and develop pursuable interests in them towards the realisation of their set goals in life. Diverse areas of human endeavours have been explored under the programme. More areas will be covered as the academic session progresses, in shaa Allah. 

Field Trips

Excursions are an extension of classroom teaching and learning activities. The school attaches great importance to regular field trips which are aimed at widening the scope and broadening the learning horizon of the students. 

Humanitarian Visits

In order to demonstrate the spirit of care and compassion for the less privileged as taught by our religion, students of Crescent College pay humanitarian visits to orphanages every term. Chief among the regularly visited homes are Bab-es-Salam Home, Ikeja and the Lagos State Motherless Babies’ Home, Lekki. Lots of gift items and relief materials are presented during the visits. The School Management had been commended by the homes for its consistency in this. 

Similarly, our students visit the inmates of the Ikoyi Prison. On arrival, they are received by the Public Relation Officer of the Prison who enlightens them on the composition of the Nigerian Prison Service and the different divisions and departments therein. He advises students to be cautious with the way they conduct themselves in the society, stressing that trivial issues can lead one to the prison if care is not taken. They would move round the yard sighting different facilities such as a Study Centre donated by Muharram Sisters, an Islamic charity organisation, the Skill Acquisition Centre wherein trades such as carpentry, shoemaking, tailoring, catering etc. are taught and learnt, the cells, the Mosque, the Clinic and the Admin Block. Students would hand over food stuff, toiletries, provisions, Islamic literature and other gift items to the Management Committee of the Prison Mosque . A lecture for the inmates’ rehabilitation would be delivered by an accompanying teacher. Parents are appreciated for their usual generous donations and regular contributions towards the success of the visit.

Citizenship and Leadership Training

The school annually sponsors JS3 students, immediately after the conclusion of their Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) for training in Citizenship and Leadership at Sea School, Apapa, a unit of the Citizenship and Leadership Training Centre, a parastatal under the Federal Ministry of Youth Development.

The course affords them knowledge of their immediate environment and how such knowledge can positively influence their lives.

Orientation about smooth transition into adolescence and adult life, virtues of patriotism, resilience and honesty and how to promote communal cohesion and national unity are usually part of the training.

Components of the training are:

  1. Lectures:- History of the training centre, Leadership and Responsibility, Adolescence and Sexual Immorality.

School Management: The Roles of Prefects; Rights, Duties and Responsibilities of Good Citizens.

  1. Inter-Watch Competitions such as observation, beam, news reporting, cooking, drama, initiative, paper presentation and other contests. 

  2. Skill Acquisition: Rope Knotting; Tie and Dye; Swimming Techniques; Tent Making; etc.

  3. Physical Fitness and Exercises: Obstacle Training; Circuit Training; Beam Training; Body Building, Endurance Trek, etc. 

At the end of the 10-day training, certificates of participation and badges are presented to participants.

Teen Talk

This is a major programme of the school that every student looks forward to.

Gender-based and sensitive issues are professionally discussed with the students for proper guidance in life.

Sessions can be general and occasionally held separately for boys and girls.

The talk dissects sexuality issues, and warns against social vices. It teaches upholding the Islamic Identity at all times.

Assembly Structure

Monday: General Assembly, Rendering of the National Anthem and Pledge, Recitation and Memorisation of the Qur’an, and Information Dissemination.

Tuesday: House Assembly, Rendering of the National Anthem and Pledge, Training for Presentations, and Information Dissemination.

Wednesday: General Assembly, Rendering of the National Anthem and Pledge, the Counsellor’Corner, News Reports, and Information Dissemination.

Thursday: Rendering of the National Anthem and Pledge, Da’wah Clinic, and Information Dissemination.

Friday: General Assembly, Rendering of the National Anthem and Pledge, Students’ Presentations, and Information Dissemination.

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