The academic work at Crescent Schools is guided by educational principles of the Nigerian curriculum blended with the British curriculum. Learning in the Elementary Section is enriched with the Cambridge Primary curriculum in Numeracy, Literacy and Science while the Nursery (EYFS) Section enjoys a functional Montessori system. Our dynamic curriculum ensures learners’ active involvement and immense exposure to achieve and obtain academic excellence. We believe that our learners are future catalyst of growth in the world’s economy. We recognize the need to make them highly competitive; hence we have chosen three reputable languages for instructions namely English, Arabic and French as well as two local languages which are Yoruba and Hausa.

We have developed a curriculum that has extensive extra and cross-curricular linkages, project -enquiry based and focused on building a life-long learning that will ensure success in the 21st century. Skills like Collaboration across networks, Critical- thinking, Problem-Solving; Adaptability, Effective Oral and Written Communication, Curiosity and Analyzing Information are employed in learners’ daily academic procedures.

We develop a deeper assessment that includes the formative, diagnostic and summative aspects which are designed for making learners’ academic work more productive. We adopt different learning techniques to facilitate and enhance better understanding of the learners’ academic experiences. Our teachers are seasoned, experienced and certified professionals. With them, the learners develop standard academic confidence which has over time made the learners to perform excellently in both their internal and external examinations.

At Crescent Nursery, we aim at creating a friendly, Islamic and homely environment for every child with lots of learning opportunities. We offer the child the scope to acquire skills to communicate; gain confidence and most of all, have fun. We also facilitate the child’s physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social growth alongside language development. These skills will be developed through a child’s organised initiative and imagination. Therefore, this scope of learning is of maximum benefit to the child.

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