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At Crescent College, we offer the very best of teaching and learning.

Principal's Message

One of the most important decisions many parents make is choosing the right school for their children’s education. At Crescent College, we offer the very best of teaching and learning, specially tailored towards meeting the learners’ needs. The attained high standard of the school is not accidental. Careful planning, stringent recruitment of staff and selection process and willingness to innovate in pedagogical procedures with the provision of the right facilities and equipment have all contributed to the resounding academic success achieved by our students over the years.

The school’s mission statement – To every child a personal commitment to motivate, to mould for a greater tomorrow – is supported by a holistic approach to lesson delivery. The classroom activities are engaging. The array of Islamic programmes is enhanced with proficiency in the use of the Arabic Language, with equal opportunities afforded all our students to excel.

Crescent College seeks to individualise the learning experience for every student. The teachers, Heads of Departments, Counsellor and the Imam, all work with synergy to provide quality guidance, ensuring students are supported in all areas of school engagements.

The school’s top management operates an open-door policy and welcomes families to talk about their children’s academic journeys. It is our belief that effective schooling is premised on the prominent roles played by stakeholders – the student, the family and the school.

The goal of acquiring tertiary education is achieved by all our graduates. We are committed to ensuring that every student receives the skills, knowledge and experience that allow him/her take the next progressive step in life. We give our students the necessary tools to have a choice about their future.

By choosing Crescent College, you have selected a school that is committed to nurturing the hidden nature in your child. I invite you to explore our website and find out more about what we have to offer. You are welcome on a visit.

With best wishes!

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